Shipment availability information can be retrieved by entering any of the following and clicking on Submit:

Container:Enter first few characters.
Master B/L:Enter first few characters.
IT No:Enter last four digits.
Cust Ref:Enter first few characters of customer's file number or IT load number.
GO No:Enter last eight digits GO number.
Entry No:Enter Brokers entry number.

When entered, data is matched with availability. We will display all Containers/Master ITs/Master BLs/House ITs in the lower left side of the screen. Click on the one which best matches your information. At that time, the details will fill up the rest of the screen. Once you identify your shipment, you can determine what is needed in order to pick up freight, i.e. freight release, customs release, and warehouse charges. Sometimes, lots are identified as on hold, in which case you need to phone the warehouse.

Your indication that a lot has been picked up is change of color to gray. You will also notice who picked up freight and on which date. For IT cargo, you will be able to see IT number, destination CFS, departure date, and ETA destination.